Go is so Gong situation

Go is so Gong situation, the Beijing east the situation in their shells very? Liu Qiangdong ( micropro ) gave us the answer. Liu Qiangdong thinks, electronic business 's death less strict silence calm calendar with second stages. The first stage is the unit price of commodities on doing; second stage is a quantity and rate of open. The two consists of two stubble business foundation was to pray for rain experience, i.e. there is I want goods, is a costly war is suffering me how fast can get. From the quantity to look, the Beijing East Commercial township is a typical" to buy, sell.". But the situation required for the amount of capital and inventory range, more than the night, profit more security. Out there, are Zouxiu network vice general Bo Jin look to the eye of an ax, Beijing east the situation is initially stored are risk is the night. One is the impact of the economic cycle, once the economic crisis produce, Beijing east the capital of Liao trowel at heading grades; the two, Beijing east the trade situation that is made by range and good price, and then decided to do a few far east of Beijing manipulation of the horizontal, to compare ordinary stable day profit; thirdly, the domestic dealers system, lead to Beijing East has to pass off as Wan said that to get more expensive, less suffering supply, the same range of Beijing East category spending days. And Taobao, many dealers directly opening a flagship store. The other, there is also a feeling., logistics is Beijing east the addition to the night when no wind, the night is Beijing East title grades. Gu Chen logistics accounted for Beijing East cost is 20%, Beijing East sell more, more also surplus. Zhang Qinpeng as a young tellurium compared to Beijing east the situation question. He said, Gu Chen Taobao business Rural ROI 1: 2-1: 3, the best one is through the process of action to achieve 1 : 30. Other, Taobao business township has excellent bonus ability, profit rate has reached the domestic Internet companies average horizontal. And like silicon for less far head is the ancient ancient and for the company to sand ass financing, with a turnover as the foundation to stop valuation. ' people will give rural Taobao business valuation, directly to Yong Mingrun multiples valuation will be good." A timid and said. In a horizontal, Taobao business Township on B2C open, but also to Beijing east the open policy of self-supporting B2C was gong to pressure. Although Taobao business township is approaching a station in B2C, a supply and discharge it to battle, but he battles since offering read flow, pay off, will become a vertical B2C, is their ordinary easy far in tail selected was gong, Taobao business township was gong then can probably take the support by the amount of work is more sensitive than the price reduction non Taobao electric what relief to pray for rain. Out, is open to B2C, Taobao also deposit is that their gk. For example, a wash can also carry the station open Taobao B2C business, if provided with a central rural D Amoy closed even after the split; three pieces of how companies can do to open closed even vertical B2C, achieve coordination cost. A cowardly says, from Taobao business Rural open against Zhang Qiyi day, only horse in the opposite. Taobao business township: variable! Variable! Variable! There are industry wife person think, Taobao business township 's death can be divided into the three stages of less. The first phase: in 2008 April March 15, 2009, Taobao Taobao to rural and city to get through the search for. The second stage: 2009 September April 2011. In 2009 the war at the end of 2010 is Taobao business township was to pray for rain as much as about process, policy gradually Zhi Song, stuffy Ji gradual progress. The third stage: September 19, 2011 -?. Taobao business Rural dorsal perpendicular B2C open.


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