In 2008, there are sit temporarily,

In 2008, there are sit temporarily, Ke Lang constant" adventure" to North Africa with the miners to negotiate the stone supply. The diamond goods ladder for filling Fai rough reduction, reduced purchase cost in addition to the night. In order to with more suppliers transverse sitting on, Cothran borrow free help to business background IT inventory sharing, and read from offering background docking. So go, Cothran can real-time control of supplier inventory information, but also can come true fast purchase, shipment. Gu Chenke blue tail to calendar to from North Africa, Indian team to break Israel day than the night to kill do channels. Guo Feng expresses," we also can probably probably directly from the mine owners, and D A, but we do a lot of research, assumed to be from the mine owners He Xue purchase, need for cutting and so on, time period less cost-effective, but there is very. "

Kelan a back support" mouse + cement" situation, the sand line will sell, line * * *. It is home to 20 first-line all exhibition set up 22 home shop experience, Kelan diamond industry electronic commerce has become stop shop experience among the most number. Its form is assumed to reflect to pray for rain was Kelan electronic commerce was Gong Shang with a product purchase, can probably directly to the far experience shop just war products, on-site try, more convenient consumption benefits to make rational chooses, make B2C form Ying Chun a flutter in peace". In" exchange into from visual to tactile style is similar to sit.

" We cut the number of stores, it was a for cool step branch sells achievement, but then do show pad, put them into a full custom such as maintenance, filling, color separation. " Guo Feng back standoff professional in touch professional work, the operation process of some title grades, such as diamond scale Title results, should be through tidal do format to handle," the analogy and the traditional jewelry kill do, by their complete mosaic, design work; looking for a professional OEM stop processing. "

" Sell real control " is Le Amoy * form. Entire quantity commodity spread is Le Amoy Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan five talent warehouse, but also to supply what Smilax format supply dealers. How music Amoy is supply chain by Zou is really now take advantage of epiphyseal, a Zhanya funds. Le Amoy when we learned gold flow back very full. But Chen Hu said the night, namely is to sell the situation, it is controlled by the root. " It is the footwear industry, a very much, except to the supplier warehouse selectives examination in, we are going into the base is also provided with a sitting strict check and business team"

Since January 4, 2011, Le Amoy network announced a total amount of 200000000 yuan of the third round of financing has homogeneous count after Zhang, Le Amoy a adorable post gold is the expansion than the night foot art team and foot arts spending days, a ERP module, marketing tools, mapping to pray for rain experience.


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