The efforts to spur straight

The efforts to spur straight e-commerce, the bulk marketing dead little sweep 2010 war 2011 Internet operation is a special warfare group purchase. When micropro encounter group purchase, will urge dead the most read like force Internet operation storm. With rapid communications media attribute micropro fission

With the rapid spread of barking hoop can sell group purchase bulk change day to open, is a is O2O ( Online to Offline will provoke ) indicia grade tampering, straight tail group estimated the early business micropro Marketing Seminar

The " group purchase + S + micropro" far condition and to stop a depth.

The group tail straight estimated early business micro marketing seminar in May 20, 2011 is Beijing Jingyi hotel at night. The micro marketing seminar has been domestic famous group purchase of electronic commerce website,

Marketing company, industry experts and widespread media attention and support. Steel enough impulse which unit: Qi Qiuhua ran stubble Commerce Association, new media alliance, straight Electronic Commerce Association for marketing research in the Department of

Heart, straight promise evaluation for full Internet association.

The group tail straight estimated early business micro marketing seminar speech list of VIP department:

Hu Yan: one DCCI Internet data for full include & President

Qin Shicun: Qi Qiuhua ran business association, impart less stubble,

Wang Pengfei: Beijing smart snapshot information sufficient skill limited company CEO, Qi network include


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