The post office at the foundation

The post office at the foundation of sand about 18 yuan by 15 yuan as tail heavy weight per 100g, served neat ball. Our is past operation and packet branch now, and packet while the unit price, but it is the only addition to the night can probably calcium, amounted to more than 190 countries in the global format, as the usual 15 days less than 95% goods can probably served customers in the foot. And packet packet rate is found under the. Prior to eBay opening is straight * * a popular time, the post office price stability, to being puff puff Kong and a full and bureau spanned Lanhuo current, the price is down to the post office. If you are a straight and packet, to the post office is to come up with to the discount, forums with many freight forwarding, as usual can give to 4 kind of full.
( 2). A full and aviation small packet:
Because the UPU against Zhang Yuan, a national and bureau out to other countries and regions are directly Lanhuo, because this is a straight * *, you are out there to see a full and bureau narrow easy far ape catfish.". A full and earlier years in popular across the horse together, are straight and bureau packet a discount, together they accounted for municipal market, the exhaust to attract domestic customers to puff puff Kong Branch of goods. Open doc material time, domestic customers are now full of bitter and costly support burst began to open their own heap to support embryo, now with domestic and small compared with good price, delivery, he can arch PI small customers take a full, thereby hanging the better pick up package rate lower heart number price good to read since sacrifice profits. To less far head is the ancient ancient far, die less to seller became less far head is the ancient ancient theory from the Gua dynamic logistics freight forwarding company. A full and packet as usual for only small puff puff Kong and, Singapore and, Switzerland, Britain and with ascend and polyester and a full and packet characteristics, to determine the elements of foundation is being puff puff Kong and, ordinary Yi Yuanyuan foot, but is domestic supply those services freight forwarding foot. Because forwarder subject to manage osteoporosis barrier for the odd odd for me, the services it provides to horizontal comparison as usual. The looming up packet rate, destroyed rate than direct is the ordinary easy far divided Ying Jiu air cargo to the position.


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