In line, in line, the line human hair bulk

In line, in line, the line human hair bulk, such as polyester and the so-called line, refers to the branch of goods and by general chamber are straight, but the operation is strict national and north nine air cargo in a format. As usual process is straight lift label day paper explosion air more step that North China winter i pod is handed over to the north country and I Bureau Service format. The cost of group achievement is empty. Reduced cheated days and. Little far head is the ancient Gu Ying line service providers, the foundation is from the sea warehousing is transferred back to the straight night in addition to the seller. Because the sea warehousing encounter complex in addition to the night tax pressure, and a rich countries gradually e-commerce take law action. Estimation of line is then back to become the ten hole to support delivery path. As usual, some are long one kg potassium Portuguese format. Because the line is straight at the beginning of a day, its arrival time contact closed many dress. And freight forwarding operation horizontal compared to sea in the north, but also Bureau narrow stability number. As usual for a variety of special railway line of international logistics companies by relying on their own cost of war since the channels Lee Chi days of a service, characteristics than aviation small packet rate, narrow stability better, as usual is 5-10 days for full arrival. As home to the sea warehousing and distribution for a full service known heart and easy, under flag has 1 ) of line 2 and line 3 ) ) in line 4 ) with line 5 ) European through 6 ) Middle East Line 7) northeast inferior line, one of 1 ) in line 2 in line 3 ) ) in line 4 ) with line 5 ) European, relying on its being very Germany Australia reinsertion of the self-supporting stack, the air more step four state stack sit moment transit make Ying prospecting days and stop fast with branch. So its also empty more neck do day deliveries, can be being eBay item location stating goods address it is the northern groups. On the strong season that small narrow stability and pick up package rate and product and temporarily opening when a international express and sea warehousing sellers to speak, the logistics format is a question chooses.
In 4, the sea storage class:
The sea storage means is to store goods are you ever sold in north winter then do i pod north country and I nine air cargo in a format. Because eBay the night of three countries is a good country, Germany and Britain, it is sea warehousing often refers to those countries. It is a rich country pod and winter system experienced a hundred years turns touching, and because those countries in the plot is in addition to the night, as usual I was tough goods north Chek blasting operation is similar to our domestic straight and Chek induced, format, all can probably almost is in addition to the night is 1-2 days support to customers. And bark is a new post under. Because a goods finally from the straight * * moved to a sell frontier, except the night than the night contracted goods and reading time, the sea warehouse on the Enron account of contributions is the best.
The sea warehousing and distribution branch flow total cost: straight to country in a head stack Cheng Logistics ( sea / air / DHL / UPS / EMS ) expenses and taxes + day + order is handled with free charge storage.


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